• Joshua Lim

2019 Passed: What have you learned

2019 came and it has gone. Time flies. Its been already 6 years since I started. If you have read my previous blogs you would have read that I have been in this industry for the last 6 years. It has its ups and downs.

However, one thing remains, it gives you experience. I have never taken my clients or event organizers given opportunities for granted. When I first started, I was never given any training. In matter a fact I never had any formal training as a host, which I believe many hosts as well have gone through a similar journey. It was the journey of hard knocks made me the man I am today. I had to discover my strengths and my weakness through a lot of telling off and complements at the same time. That is why anyone that wants to try to become a host does whatever comes your way. The experience will assist you and open your eyes to see what it takes to be an emcee, obviously besides watching youtube. I really am appreciative of the clients and the event organizers who took a gamble on me during the early days. Without them, I think that I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Feedback too has helped me to continuously improve myself. There were ideas floating around saying that if we gave clients the chance to present their feedbacks, clients will frequently find faults with us and give them the chance to renegotiate the pricing base on what they feel that I made have done wrong. However, during my years as an emcee, I felt that it's quite the opposite. I shouldn’t have been afraid of feedbacks but to take the feedback as a stepping stone to improve and to better myself as a human being and as a person. I believe that listening to feedback was the very thing that made me better. Therefore, I concluded that feedback is important in any business venture especially in the service line.

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