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A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Recently, I was engaged to emcee/host an event in Kuala Lumpur. It was quite a prestigious event even though it was small. We were in contact about 2 weeks before the event with a plan or the members of our industry would call it an itinerary. Coming nearer to the date, we had a few very common changes. However, sadly on the event day itself, everything didn’t go as plan. It rain (it was partly outdoor; we anticipated that), not all turn up on time, the client didn’t care much about the activities that were planned out and that cause the lack of audience interaction and many other things to happen which didn’t look good for the client.

As an emcee, I had the privilege of hosting various events with various goals. However, many times we are so fascinated with the goal. It is like me as an emcee/host, we would love to have the client happy at the end of the day, but do we have a plan to ensure that it? Many times emcee just runs into the event without proper planning. Thinking that they are always ready without planning.

But what is a plan? How do we plan for such things?

It is very similar to this blog. I had to have a plan. I had to prepare. I had to practice and check. As an emcee, getting the right information for the event (research) is important. Without the right information, you will leave in the dark about what is happening around you. It could be the salutation list, product details, itineraries, gifts details, etc. With that information, we will practice. Yes… practice. Surprising enough, we still must practice even though we have many events under our belts. Practice doesn’t make you perfect, but it makes you better because no one is perfect. It may take more time when you are new to the game, but the practice time will reduce significantly when you are comfortable with it.

There is no hard rule for practicing. Some are happy to practice in front of the mirror, some in front of loved ones or event in front of the clients. There are many ways to get better. Remember, not perfect better. Why the audience? Well, you need the feedback. You need a ‘reflection’ of what you are doing. We can be blind to our own mistakes and with a third eye, we can ensure a better ‘view’ and understanding of your ‘performance’.

So plan, whether it's just for a trip for a holiday or an emcee gig. Remember, if you don’t plan you are just wishing that it will go well and usually it doesn’t. FAIL TO PLAN is a PLAN TO FAIL.

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