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Beyond our job

Recently I was at a fast-food joint; I won't say where as I still love the place, I was a bit taken aback with the lack of customer service. The soft drink dispenser ran out of syrup and it was not only the one but other syrup flavors as well. I went over the counter to ask them to refill it, but the waiter nearest to me mention 'Macam ini la' (It's like that). I was a taken aback by the response and being part of the service industry I feel disgusted about how such behavior was shown. However, I didn't show or spoke what I was thinking about.

This got me thinking about me as an emcee/host. Many a time I have observed in the events industry one may only do what is required. They do have their reasons for not stepping too far away from their responsibilities or not at all which is very much based on their past experience with their own clients that have taken advantage of their generosity. So when does helping clients beyond what we are or job description is considered to have crossed a line?

I was at a wedding ceremony and dinner, where the bride was the person in charge but sadly being a bride and coordination is not a good idea. She didn't have the time to coordinate with the rest of the vendors and the hotel. Therefore, she asked a friend the help but as an unmarried person or has no organizing experience there were a lot of things that she couldn't foresee during the wedding. I had to step in to help and make sure the whole night was run smoothly. However, was it beyond my scope? Did I overstep my role or responsibility?

For me, the most important is the client. If it doesn't require much from me and doesn't stop other vendors to earn as well, then I am good. Or if only requires suggestions I would think that is good. In conclusion, it is very much a grey area where one person is alright but the other maybe not. I guess we have to use our own discretion on this matter.

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