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Ethical or Unethical?

In any industry, there is always a code of ethics. Some ethical codes are written and some can be an unwritten rule and the players of the industry are expected to know. However, it is not about WHERE one can find a code of ethics, it is WHAT the code of ethics.

Recently I had a long conversation with a counterpart about the code of ethics. It was a session that made me realize that even though a member of the industry that has been in the industry for a number of years may not understand the intricate value of the code of ethics. But like I wrote above what is the code of ethics? we know it varies from one person to another or some may not agree with the practice. For instants, throwing names cards to other player's clients during a meeting or an even is a big no-no or event taking photos of events that you attended or a vendor/supplier for and portray it like it is your event in your social media or portfolio is also a big no-no.

However, there are many other aspects of the code of ethics that are in the grey area. For instant, yes the client did not take your name card but she/he found you through social media and contacted you, what happens then? Would you take the call or refer the client back to the event company or introducer? Another example would be doing you take photos only of what you have done/provided/rendered as an event supplier/vendor or you are given the liberty to take any photos and put it up on your social media or profile? So the question is what is ethical and unethical? How do you determine whats is ethical and what is not? From my experience and in my humble opinion as an emcee/host, do what you feel, think and believe that is right and compare notes with the event organizers and with your counterparts in the industry. You may not get it right the first few times but eventually, you will understand the industry and your clients, both event companies and direct clients. It is better to ask to understand then have a 'tidak apa' (i don't care) attitude.

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