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Eye on the Prize... Your Goal

In 2014, a lot of things that were both good and bad. Tragedy struck MAS. Ellen DeGeneres took an epic celeb-filled selfie during the Oscars ceremony which set the record for the most retweeted tweet of all time and Germany won the World Cup 2014 which coincidentally was my first event when was at the rock bottom of my life coming to the end of the 2014.

Thanks to a friend and a old schoolmate, Mathan Sagumaran (Founder of PR Entertainment), he gave me a life line. His was responsible introducing me to the event industry and I am grateful.

Fast forward to today, 2019, after 6 years of being an emcee/host, without looking back I have learned so much thanks to so many people. However, it got me thinking. Where am I going with this? Where would my career take me? It sounds so vague and wide. I needed a goal and objective, something that I could aim and achieve.

It may sound very cliché. We have heard this time and time again from family, teachers or even from bloggers but do we really do it? Wanting to be the best or No. 1 (my last blog on the 28th Oct 2019) is just the beginning. Setting goals is needed to ensure that we know what we are wanting and what we are going to achieve.

Goals comes in any different shapes and sizes (forms). Short, middle and long term. Big, small and middle size. High, low and somewhere in the middle. With that, what make your goal or objective? It can come is terms of financial, emotional, satisfaction, career advancement etc forms. When I first became an emcee/host I started with being, what they call, a roadshow emcee/host, which I still do, for a minimal fee. It is long hours and it sometimes takes a few days too. I didn’t want just to be known as a ‘roadshow emcee/host’ so I gave myself a goal to improve and to be a more versatile emcee/host. Now I am able to handle various types of event ranging from annual dinners, launching, weddings; both wedding ceremonies and wedding dinners; sports commentating and most recently voice overs.

However, I needed a goal. I needed a target. Something that I had to focus on and to achieve. I have a lot of dreams and aspirations. It shouldn’t be distracted by other ‘side projects’. Be focus. That’s what goals are for. So what is your goal? Have a short term, mid term and long term goals. Let’s talk about the process next.

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