• Joshua Lim

Keep Your Emotions in-Check

We have received the good news that RMCO now is being activated. However, not all states are going to immediately implement it such as Penang. It is very interesting to hear that some people made this political and think that states such as Penang just want to go against the government and some even say they just want to show off.

I think that we should be grateful that both the federal and the state governments are being cautious. I do understand that the citizens are affected by such decisions. Bear in mind I was an emcee/host/voiceover talent, I too am BADLY EFFECTED. However, if we implement RMCO wrongly and the 2nd wave of COVID-19 hits us, not only we will be back to square one but EMCO will be implemented and us recovering will be harder and longer.

I too should not only look it through the lens of my emotions but let be helping ourselves to help the government too.

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