• Joshua Lim

New Adventure

As 2020 has begun, a new adventure follows. I have decided to step into a place that I have very knowledge about. Kuala Lumpur. Yes, I am now fully based in KL. *smile* Some people like to ask that.

It is going to be a huge change and experience. Very similar when I first started as an Emcee/Host. It was tough. No contacts. No one knew me. My strength or my weaknesses. however, thanks to family, especially my wife, and friends who knew me gave me a shot.

That makes me believe that support from friends and family is essential. Never once have I taken that for granted and I believe that should the way in life. We cannot afford to forget how we came to be. Our life achievements are not our own but it's achieved with others seen or not seen.

After all, this said and done, it all based on your capability to deliver the professional service. I hope that being here in KL would give me the opportunity to show what I deliver as an Emcee/Host. You can contact me with the details below: Website:


Career Facebook:

Youtube Channel:

Instagram: emceejoshualim

Wedding site:

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