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What's One's Value?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Recently I was with another emcee and we started to talk. She is a very prominent emcee even at a very young age. She even has done some international events overseas which some emcees or an ordinary person would crave for these opportunities.

Our conversation went in so many directions and one of the topics that just came popping up was the value of the service of an emcee/host; in terms of monetary. We just started to discuss our values and how we should evaluate one's service whether it's in the entertainment industry or even just in the service industry as a whole. So the questions beg, who makes the evaluation? Is it your agent, your competitors or does one evaluate oneself?

From experience, when I first started I was evaluated by agents. I still remember the first event I hosted, it was a mere RM 100 for four hours. To many, it was very low but I couldn't say much because I didn't understand how the industry works. I didn't have the experience or the knowledge of the ins and out of the industry. As the days, months and years gone by, I started to know agents and some were very open to me. They started to encourage me to continue and helped me to push my values higher and thanks to them I have been able to fetch a price that has assisted me to sustain my day to day life. But what about young and new emcees that have just started in the industry? How would they be able to 'open' their price to clients and agents?

What I can suggest is that pair up with an emcee/host that is open to you, to evaluate you. However, sometimes new emcees will drop their price to gain experience? Is that suggested and healthy for the industry? Or the new emcees are forced to make such offers as they need the experience? However, I believe that one should know their value and not reduce it just because they want a job, that's just me saying. There are many pros and cons to that. Maybe that could be another topic altogether.

So what is the conclusion? Every emcee/host is at different levels or times in their career. It is a voluntary decision of the emcee/host to accept the fees that have been offered. However, we must remember, in all decisions that we make there are pros and cons. So what is your decision?

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